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Colter Brinkley - Independent Consultant

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Introducing Zurvita's Top MLM Trainer Colter Brinkley!

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More about Master MLM Trainer Colter Brinkley...

Excluding the Master Distributor position, Colter Brinkley is the first field Zurvita Crown Ambassador. The Zurvita Crown Ambassador position is the absolute highest level of the Zurvita MLM Compensation plan! In addition, Colter is an 80K a-month club member and was awarded the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award at the Nashville Success Summit Convention.If you are looking for strong MLM leadership that builds success, then you want to work directly with Colter Brinkley.

Colter Brinkley started his journey with Zurvita 15-years ago. Within his first two-months he broke the first speed record to the highest level of the Zurvita Compensation Plan at the time. Since then Colter has consistently achieved new success levels and continues to break new records. The secret to Colter's success is helping others become successful.

Colter's passion is providing training and support systems that make it possible for anyone to start and build a successful Zurvita business. Colter stays in the trenches leading, training and building with anyone that really wants to be a true success story. As a result, Colter has over 20 Zurvita Ambassadors on his team, the Success Stories Group!

Colter Brinkley is the founder of the Success Stories Group...

The Success Stories group is the fastest most consistent rank advanced group within the Zurvita Business Opportunity. This ongoing success is the result of Colter Brinkley's Success Stories Group training and support system. The Success Stories Group Support Center is exclusive and totally free for approved Zurvita Consultant's in Coter Brinkley's downline.

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