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Zurvita Business Opportunity

Why is the Zurvita Business Opportunity better?

The Zurvita Business Opportunity!

There are 5 reasons that make the Zurvita Business Opportunity better!

There are 5 critical categories of information you must evaluate when considering a Network Marketing business like Zurvita. These business opportunity categories include: Product, Compensation Plan, Timing, Training & Support and Management. Let's look at the top five reasons why the Zurvita business opportunity is better...

#1: Products

In Network Marketing, your earnings come from product movement. Expensive products and expensive autoships make building a Network Marketing business opportunity difficult. The Zurvita Zeal for Life product is easy to market as you can give people a free sample to try. If most people feel a difference in 20-minutes, then talking about and selling the product is much easier. The #1 reason why the Zurvita business opportunity is better than other companies is the Zeal for Life product.

#2: Compensation Plan

In Network Marketing it is imperative that new distributors have the ability to earn real money in their first 30-days. If the product is hard to sell and the Compensation Plan is difficult, then distributors give-up. The Zurvita Compensation Plan is unique in that a new distributor can have a real 30-day success story due to the customer All-Star program and the Team Bonus All-Star program. When you look at the Zurvita All-Star program's, you will understand why the Zurvita business opportunity is better.

#3: Timing

Zurvita ended last year at 80-million in annual sales. When a Network Marketing company is between 50-100 million in annual sales, it is at Critical Mass. Critical Mass is the best time to join a Network Marketing company. When you have true critical mass plus a product that can sell itself and a Compensation Plan that can pay fast, you have a Network Marketing winner. The Zurvita business opportunity has all three!

#4: Training & Support

Add to all of the above a support and training system that has made Colter Brinkley's Success Stories Group the fastest most rank advanced group within the Zurvita business opportunity. Colter Brinkley provides the most comprehensive training and support system in the Network Marketing industry. This is exclusive to his team and is always free. Imagine the best training and support and free! All you need now is caring Management...

#5: Management

Mark Jarvis (Zurvita President) and Tracy Jarvis (Co-Founder) have designed a Network Marketing company that is all about taking care of distributors. As an example, when you reach a success rank level in Zurvita, you get paid at that level whether you requalify or not! This is just one of many reasons that prove Zurvita management is about truly protecting the rights and well being of its distributors.

Do you want to go deeper into why the Zurvita Business Opportunity is better?

We can go much deeper! There are actually 5 unique factors under each of the 5 reasons that explain why no other Network Marketing opportunity can compete with the Zurvita business opportunity. If you love Network Marketing and you enjoy what really makes Network Marketing work, then call Zurvita Crown Ambassador Colter Brinkley at 949-369-2554. Or Click Here for your free Zurvita business opportunity Digital Media Kit!