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Disclosure Information

Very Important Disclosure Information...

You are under no obligation to purchase anything!

It's true, you are under no obligation to purchase anything. As a business opportunity seeker, we want to provide you free information about the Zurvita business opportunity and the Zurvita Zeal for Life products. If you request our free Zurvita Zeal for Life samples, they will be shipped to you at our cost.

The cost of becoming a Zurvita Independent Consultant...

If after your review of the Zurvita Business Opportunity and the Zurvita Zeal for Life products you decide to become a Zurvita Independent Consultant, the cost for joining ranges in price from $100.00 - $700.00. The actual amount will depend on what sign-up option you select. To preview the different product sign-up pak options, please click on the "Zurvita Consultant Enrollment Form" below.

Important Zurvita Documents you can download for immediate review...

Income Statements...

Any income statements made at ZurvitaBusinessOpportunity-ic.com demonstrates a wide range of earnings achieved by lower level and top level earners in the company’s sales force. Most Independent Consultants do not achieve high levels of success due to many factors including time, ability and developing learn-able skills. You should not consider these results a guarantee that you will achieve any specific earning level or a deterrent for you not being able to do better. Your earnings are dependent upon your personal efforts and abilities. Actual earnings also depend upon the organization size that you build, the number of sales and override commission you earn and the efforts of participants in your own organization.

Do you have questions or need additional information?

If you have questions or need additional information about the Zurvita Business Opportunity, the Zeal for Life products and/or the Success Stories Group training and support system, please call Zurvita Crown Ambassador Colter Brinkley at 949-369-2554. You can also email your requests to colterbrinkley@mac.com. Our mailing address is...

  • Success Stories, Inc.
  • 2321 East 4th St.
  • Santa Ana, CA
  • 92705

Other important disclosure information...

This site does not collect money for product or services.

Any information you provide is never sold, traded or given to any other party.