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The Zurvita Business Opportunity
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The Success Stories Group!
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Colter Brinkley, Zurvita Crown Ambassador and Top Bonus Winner!
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A product that eliminates the direct selling process. Why? Most people feel a difference with just one Zeal!

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Zeal for Life
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Learn the 5 reasons why no other Network Marketing company can compete with Zurvita!

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Zurvita Business
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A true Critical Mass business opportunity!

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Critical Mass
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The most comprehensive training and support system in the Network Marketing industry!

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SSG Support System

The Success Stories Group Advantage...

The Success Stories Group is the fastest growing team in the Zurvita Business Opportunity due to our comprehensive training, support and leadership systems. Look at just some of the many advantages of being in the Success Stories Group...


Connected Communication System (CCS)

CCS is a comunication system that connects each member of the Success Stories Group (SSG) with the SSG Support Center. From the moment you register with SSG you will be guided by the CCS on exactly what to do step-by-step both in training and each stage of business development. In addition, you will also have a Success Counselor managing your forward progress.

Documented Success Counselor

A documented Success Counselor is any Distributor in your upline that holds a Zurvita rank level of Exceutive Consultant or above and has been certified by the Success Stories Group. This person has used the SSG Support system to grow in Zurvita and will act as your personal Counselor.

Personalized 1-on-1 Training and Support

If your Sponsor is new or has not been certified as a Success Stories Group Success Counselor; the first Certified SSG Success Counselor in your Upline will work directly with you and your Sponsor to provide whatever personalized training and support you will need to reach All-Star and/or Senior Consultant (the first Zurvita rank level).

24/7 Comprehensive Audio Training

As a Success Stories Group member, you will have 24/7 online access to an extensive audio library! Within the SSG audio library you will find training on all areas of building a successful Zurvita Network Marketing business.

24/7 Comprehensive Video Tutorials

The only step-by-step video training program in the Network Marketing industry that really covers everything A-Z. A reality based comprehensive video training for 3-proven stages of business development: Getting Started, Business Building and Leadership Building...

A Proven System for Getting Started

All new SSG Consultants will follow the "Launching System" to reach their first success goal (All-Star and/or Senior Consultant) within 35-days from starting. This is a very methodical step-by-step process that is completed with your SSG Success Counselor.

A Proven System for Business Building

Once reaching All-Star and/or Senior Consultant, the SSG Consultant will then follow the "Business Building System" for continued success (Rank Advancement). The "Business Building System" provides: a proven path for success, answers everyday questions and provides real solutions to obstacles and objections.

A Proven System for Leadership Building

Once reaching the Executive Consultant Level (Rank Advancement) the SSG Consultant will now learn the "Leadership System" for attaining the Ambassador Level. The "Leadership System" training is so complete, there is literally nothing left to learn to reach the higest level of the Zurvita business opportunity. It is like graduating from the ultimate school for Network Marketing. And, all training and support in the Success Stories Group is free!

The SSG Success Formula!

This business is 100% personal development! Master the mind and master success!

Colter Brinkley

Zurvita Business Opportunity Advantages...

Free Autoship Program

Get three customers on Autoship and your Autoship product is FREE.

Total Control Back Office

The best Back office management and marketing system in the industry at no additional cost.

Best Leadership Training Program

As a member of the Success Stories Group, you will have FREE access to the most comprehensive leadership program in the Network Marketing Industry!

Best Flagship Product

It is no secret that Zurvita has the best product for marketing - Zeal For Life. Nothing eliminates direct selling better than a free sample that actually works.

Video Marketing Tools

Retail and recruit with video tools that do the selling for you.

Snapshot Success Insurance

Once you reach a level you get paid at that level whether you requalify or not. WOW!

Get to the Top Fast Comp Plan

A volume driven Comp Plan with no punitives. Your progress in Zurvita is never dependent on personal or group business volume requirements from other team members.

Rank Bonus Program

Additional Incentives! Earn a Rank Bonus for every Rank Level you achieve from the Premier Level all the way to the Crown Ambassador level.

...And The best Incentives!

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Are you a Professional Networker looking at Zurvita?

Do you have a dowline you need to move fast?

Are you looking for a Permanent Network Marketing company you can call home for you and your downline?

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Work with a proven leader!

Colter Brinkley is famous for his training, support and business building systems. He has a 27-year history of success as a traininer and top income earner in the MLM industry.

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Do you need financial incentives?

We understand that proven Networkers are offered deals to move their team to other opportunities? We are open to helping in anyway we can. All you have to do is ask!

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Everything you need right now!

Everything you could ever want for your downline is already in place and actually works. Imagine having the best in training, systems and personal development...


Colter Brinkley's Success Stories Group!

The #3 reason why people fail in Network Marketing is inadequate training. The Success Stories Group provides the highly methodical training that focuses on all three development stages in Network Marketing: Getting Started, Business Building and Leadership Development. This training is unique and exclusive to the the Success Stories Group, the fastest growing group in the Zurvita!

Colter Brinkley's Success Stories Group!

The #2 reason why people fail in Network Marketing is not having a proven step-by-step system for building their new business opportunity. The Success Stories Group provides three proven systems: Launching (Getting Started), Business Building and Leadership Building. All three have made the Success Stories Group the most rank advanced group within the Zurvita business opportunity!

Colter Brinkley's Success Stories Group!

The #1 reason why people fail in Network Marketing is issues of self. Imutare is a personal development system designed specifically for Netwoker's and is exclusive to members of the Success Stories Group. Imutare discloses the six reaasons why people fail or move slow and then provides action solutions that really work. There is no other group or Network Maketing opportunity that can offer everything found here!

The Success Stories Group Support Center (School, System and Self) is exclusive to approved members in Colter Brinkley's Zurvita Business Opportunity downline!

Join the Zurvita Business Opportunity SSG Team!

Imagine joining a company at true Critical Mass and being in the fastest growing group!

In conclusion, if you honestly evaluate and add-up the Zurvita Business Opportunity Advantages and the Success Stories Group advantages, you can factually conclude that no other Network Marketing Opportunity or distributor group can compete. Now add to this that the Zurvita Business Opportunity is at true critical mass and a financial incentive program for professional Networker's that need to move their team to a more stable Network Marketing Company immediately. What more could you want?

How about a private free phone consultaion with Colter Brinkley, one of the highest paid Consultants in the Network Marketing industry? Would you like to have the deepest most relevant conversation you have ever had on the real success formula for true long-term success in Network Marketing? Call Colter directly at 949-369-2554.

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Our Team Members have much to say about the Success Stories Group!

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The winning formula!

Colter Brinkley's formula for winning in Network Marketing covers everything. And it is backed by evidence that I see everyday. The Success Stories Group is the most rank advanced team in the Zurvita business opportunity.

image01Eric Tabernero| Zurvita 1-Star Ambassador

Whatever you need, you got it!

What I love about Colter Brinkley is that he never stops helping you and your team continue to grow. When he says he will work with you from All-Star to Ambassador he does. He has done so for me and continues to support my team!

image01Mary Pearson | Zurvita 1-Star Ambassador

The best support system in the Industry!

The support system within the Success Stories Group is never-ending. It absolutely is the most comprehensive support you can get in the Network Marketing World. If your going to do the Zurvita business opportunity, then you need to join this team!

image01Greg Miller | Zurvita Ambassador

The Yoda of Network Marketing!

Colter Brinkley's knowledge of Network Marketing is beyond amazing! Even the most successful Networker's are blown away by what he has to say. If you really want to succeed, this is the place to be.

image01Jeremy Engle | Zurvita Presidential Director

The best training in the Industry!

I have been in the Network Marketing Industry for over 25 years and can honestly say that Colter Brinkley is the best trainer there is. His training is unique, original and can work for anyone.

image01Chet Finley| Zurvita Executive Consultant